The Future of the Club Penguin Army Coffee Table

Hello. I am Cabin, a Founder of the Club Penguin Army Coffee Table.

I genuinely believe there is still potential for the Club Penguin Army Coffee Table, even in today’s strange army climate. The likelihood that I will return this organization back to its news format of its first, second, and third era is highly unlikely. Instead, I will most likely, if I ever gain the courage to revive this organization, put it into a unique format which focuses primarily on interviewing prominent members of the army community.

At this present moment in time, I am targeting my time and energy toward my army career as Leader-in-Training of the People’s Imperial Confederation and as Senior Content Moderator of the Club Penguin Army Wiki. This means that currently I do not have enough time and energy to focus on brewing a revival for this organization.

Perhaps one day this organization will see another day, but as of right now it remains dead.

CPACT Founder

Possible Revamp Coming

Stay tuned.


CPACT Founder

Romans 1ic Dino Resigns From Position Inside Romans

On April 1, 2020, Romans 1ic Dino resigned from his 1ic rank inside the Romans. He posted a resignation post on the Romans website, but he never explained why he resigned. I had decided to ask him why myself.

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Club Penguin Army Coffee Table Has Been Revived (Again)

On April 1, 2020, Cabin decided to revive Club Penguin Army Coffee Table (CPACT) for the 2nd time in its history.

Club Penguin Army Coffee Table was still called Club Penguin Armies Coffee Table from its past life, but now that the Club Penguin Armies league is dead, I thought the name was no longer relevant (it also sounds weird). Because of this, I had decided to change the name back to what it was through 2015-2018, and a little bit of 2019.

Now that I have revived this, I am planning on adding new content to the website! I am planning on letting people post opinion posts pertaining to Club Penguin armies (I will outline how this would work in a future article).

I have already added new content to the website. We have a new header (created by former CPACT CEO, Dino), and I say it looks amazing compared to the headers we used to have.

If you are interested in becoming a member of the CPACT team (so far only I am a member), click here to go to our Apply page and follow the instructions provided! I hope to see you working for us soon!



CPACT Founder & CEO

Interview with Fantasy Force Leader Lapis

This past week, two new armies were ranked in the top ten on CPA’s Top Ten Armies post. One of them, Army of Club Penguin (also known as ACP), is an older army returning to CPA. The other, Fantasy Force, is a true newcomer. In honor of their quick success, I had the opportunity to interview Lapis, the founder of Fantasy Force, about her experience forming a new army.


Mochii: So to start, why did you decide to create Fantasy Force?

Lapis: Well, it goes way back to when I first started armies. I was in an army, the Royal Family of CPO, and I never got a promo for about 2 months of being quite active, and my friend was making an army named Warriors. Warriors eventually got closed down as my friend couldn’t lead it anymore, which lead to me making Musicians. That closed down and I tried to create another army, but it was hard as I was experiencing some issues with playing CPPS, so I took the time to join an army. I joined Cosmic while I developed a good army and I liked the idea of themed ranks like the Royal Family of CPO. So, I made a royal family but with more fantasy ranks, like knights and dragons for example. And that’s how Fantasy Force came to be.

Mochii: That’s really neat! What would you say has been the most difficult part of starting your army?

Lapis: Recruiting and getting members. CPR bans a lot and people ignore you, throw snowballs at you, shout “NO,” or say you’re a virus or a bot. It can be hard trying to ignore them, they can be quite rude. But in the end, I sometimes manage to get 1 or 2 members.

Mochii: Oh, I definitely understand that! So, on the other hand, what has been the most rewarding part?

Lapis: That’s a hard question, but it has to be seeing my members chat together, making a community.

Mochii: How did it feel to rank in the top ten armies during Fantasy Force’s first week?

Lapis: Amazing to know we actually made it in the top 10, and hopefully this week we will be able to get further up.

Mochii: What do you think sets Fantasy Force apart from other armies?

Lapis: The fact that we have 30 ranks to earn and plan on adding more. We also try not to ping too much and have dedicated roles for pings, so people can decide if they want that ping or not.

Mochii: Do you have and advice for someone thinking about starting their own army?

Lapis: I would get some help, like friends. I have a few friends who have helped a lot along the way. I would also get some army experience by spending some time joining an army while you develop your own army.

Mochii: That makes sense. I definitely agree that army experience would help, and friends are never a bad thing! Those are all the questions I have today. Thanks so much for your time!



CPACT Reporter-in-Training


Chief Executive Officer

Return of ACP

ACP, or Army of Club Penguin, is an army founded back in September of 2006, being the first organized army in Club Penguin Army history. They were a strong army, with many leaders and many members, they were a strong force in the CPA community, reaching masses of 30+. But alas, they have closed in September 29, 2017, believing they have met their fate. But they have rejoined the battlefield this year (2019), and are a very respectable force.

I decided to interview recreator and former leader, Mchappy:

I was also able to get an interview with the leader of ACP, Chainpro:


Definitely not Toby

[UPDATE] New Changes to CPACT

As the new Chief Executive Officer of Club Penguin Armies Coffee Table, I am announcing some new changes.

  1. I have brought back a Board of Directors. They will be the people who will manage the organization. And with that, the positions of Chief Informative, and Outreach Officer, and Chief Graphic Designer have been established.

   2. We now will have an official editor and graphic designing team. Assistant editors will be trusted reporters who we know can be helpful in day-to-day reporting. Graphic designers will help create graphics for our future articles and the organization as a whole.

   3. Until further notice, @shallissa shall be made acting Chief Operations Officer until we can get more editors.

   4. An Audit board and Advisory board have been made. Advisors are usually retired Board Directors who we can trust to advise the Board on how to run the organization. The Audit Board will be responsible for making sure this organization stays unbiased and ethical. Most likely they will write monthly reports on how the organization is doing.

   5. We are looking for new applicants and partners. If you own an CPA or CP related server, I am willing to discuss the potentiality of a partnership. And even if you’re not good at editing, writing, or graphics, you are still welcomed to Apply. We can successful train you to become the profession you might be interested in.

  6. Due to me becoming CEO, @romanprincey will now be the Head Reporter.

More changes are on the way. If you have any concerns, questions, or queries, my DMs (Dino#1700) are always open. 🙂


Dino Becomes CEO of Club Penguin Armies Coffee Table

Due to reasons, I have decided to step down from the Chief Executive Officer position.
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[REBELLIOUS INTERVIEWS] Interview with Ultipenguinj

Welcome to the Rebellious Interviews, a new CPA Coffee Table interview series. Today we will be interviewing Rebel Commander Ultipenguinj.

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Club Penguin Coast Guard

The Club Penguin Coast Guard is a new up and coming army within the CPA community. 

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